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We guarantee YOU more time in your day

The main drawback of Social Media is the time investment it takes, this is why with weekly updates from you, we plan and post all updates so you don't have to spend hours each day which could be put to better use on social media.

We guarantee to come up with a content strategy that works for  YOUR business

Each content plan is made with the client in mind. E.g. what works for one law firm may not work for another

We guarantee YOU will see no hidden costs,

If a price is agreed upon before hand that's what you pay. Extras can be added to your plan but are always agreed by both parties before execution

We guarantee YOU will see a growth of your social presence

The growth will be measured in likes, followers, comments etc and we WILL set a goal each month

We guarantee YOU will know what's going on

One worry many people have is they wont know what's going on with their brand, that's not a worry with us, as we can set up weekly content plans and reports on what's happening

We guarantee to Follow YOUR existing marketing plan

It is important to keep a consistent message, and that is why we follow what your company is already doing to keep the message the same across the board.

Timesavers was founded upon one basic vision.

That all businesses no matter how small should have access to quality social media  without having to pay more than they can afford

What Makes Us Different?

Our journey started back in 2012 when after a bad interview where our founder Scott was discriminated against for being in a wheelchair .

After not being shown basic courtesy Scott thought, ‘Well I’ve had enough of that  I’ll start my own business’, and three weeks later Scott was registered as a Sole Trader,!

It took a a bit of time, but Scott still remembers his first client, a whole £120, and you know what, he’s still proud of that and remembers receiving the cheque as clearly as it was yesterday!

Fast Forward a few months and Scott had more and more requests for ‘looking after Facebook so after retraining, that’s exactly what he offered, long with twitter, LinkedIn and now Instagram!

Year on year Timesavers has seen a growth, and while times have been difficult at times, 2017 looks to be no different.

A problem many of our clients have found when working with other agencies they have a ‘we know best’ mentality, and put their own experience ahead of what the client wants.

We don’t do that, we make it our aim to learn the vision and mission of your business, because how can we help you grow and sell your products if we don't know WHY you want to do what you do?

Over tea, coffee and a fancy biscuit we find out what you WANT before we help you figure out what you Need and there is a difference!

We work with a  number of selected and time tested content partners, so if you need a video making or a website designing we have a team in place who  has the experience and the skills needed to deliver on any project, and if we cant help with your solution or you don't feel we’re the right fit for you? We can recommend  other agencies we’ve worked with in the past

Our Guarantee What our clients have said about us

“I ran my own social media for a couple of years and decided to get someone to take over the role to free up more time for me, so that I could work on other areas of the business.

I briefly used another social media marketing company but found the posts too generic and they didn't generate traffic to my website.

I've worked with Scott for the past couple of months. He's able to write copy well, particularly eye-catching headlines and source good, relevant images to create highly engaging posts. He's very willing to take on board feedback when it's needed as well making it easy to work with him.

With Scott, it's about quality rather than quantity and I'm really happy with what he's delivering for my business.”

- David Bushnell - What’s On Hull

We work with companies from across a wide range of industries, sectors and sizes. Here are some of the testimonials received from happy clients

I have used Scott for 18 months now and he has been a consistently high performer. He pro-actively promotes my events and services and has been excellent in understanding the types of message that represent me and my business. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Chris Wharram - Action Coach

We would highly recommend TSAS for any social media campaign.  We tasked TSAS with maintaining & building our social media profile through content marketing which has been a success.  TSAS have learnt our industry & sourced some great content for us saving O&H valuable time which we can focus elsewhere.

Geoff Harrison - O&H Group

I engaged Scott to handle my hotels social media with some scepticism at first with the whole idea of social media. I soon began to realise the marketing opportunities and customer awareness regarding hotel products and services.

Today we can now boost 585 up from 200 providing a steady stream of business in addition to this it’s a great inexpensive way to get your message out there.

Scott has provided a great platform to do this, with a great level of experience coupled with his dedication and professionalism I can highly recommend Scott to undertake all aspects of social media solutions

We have now also engaged Scott to carry out Google SEO, with amazing results ranking on the first page for 15 individual searches, you as prospective clients can try this! By searching the Kingston Theatre Hotel, hull hotels weddings in Hull, amongst many different searches

I have no reservations in recommending Scott, we certainly rank him as the best in the business having tried so many other companies who charge high and deliver very little, as a small family owned hotel I find this highly frustrating to say the least, after 27 years in the hotel industry it’s a pleasure to work with a true dedicated professional

Gary Osborne - Kingston Theatre Hotel