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One thing you need to remember is content marketing isn’t free.

Even if you’re doing it yourself or in house there is a cost involved.

This could be as simple as a sheer time commitment, remember if you or your team is writing the content and putting it on various platforms they are taking time away from their main job.

If you have a dedicated marketer you have to assign a salary cost to that.

Much of content marketing can be done on a shoestring, but it’s not free.

You need to pay someone to create your content marketing plan(link), manage your various social media accounts, create (and manage) your email newsletter, plus much more.

Yes, that’s right, there’s more to content marketing than just social media, yea that’s a big part (even as big as 50%) but there’s more you need to consider, such as







To succeed you need to need to have at the very least the following things

1. someone creating content on a regular basis, and sending it out to your market audience (something that should be outlined in your marketing plan)

2. A clear budget on how much you’re prepared to pay

3. An understanding on how long you will do a task if there’s no ROI

4. Clear set of goals and objectives

5. Willingness to take risks for the ‘bigger picture’ (e.g. the growth of your business)


Content marketing isn’t free, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

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How Much Should Content Marketing Cost?

Need to create a marketing plan? Join one of our marketing planning days

Need to create a marketing plan? Join one of our marketing planning days